5 Foot Coconut Palm Tree (Two Pack) ARIZONA ONLY

5 Foot Coconut Palm Tree (Two Pack) ARIZONA ONLY


Special Inspection Required.

See info selections for more details.

  • Shipping

    Your tree(s) will be shipped bare root. No soil. No bucket/pot.
    Your tree(s) are a minimum of the height specified measured from the top of the seed not the bottom.
    The seed as well as the roots are packaged in a sealed bag with moisture present to maintain moisture to the roots while being shipped.
    We minimize bending for shipping.  Bending compromises the integrity of the limb as well as the health of the tree. Your tree(s) are shipped in a box one foot longer than the height of tree bought. This is to accomodate the seed as well as the roots.

    Just beware IT IS ILLEGAL FOR UNLICENSED AND UNINSPECTED SELLERS TO SHIP TO MOST STATES. We are licensed and inspected by the government to ship to all continental USA states except Texas (Texas does not allow the import of coconut trees into the state even by licensed growers). Without proper paperwork and certifications posted on the carton unlicensed trees will either be destroyed or shipped back to sender when discovered. Dogs are utilized in many ports of entry to detect living items such as plants or trees. Unfortunately you may be out your payment and end up with no trees should you buy from an unlicensed and uninspected seller. Please for your own benefit request that your seller has the necessary rights including licenses and inspections to ship to your state. We do.

    If you are interested on what your states rules are on the import of trees from another state just ask us. We will be happy to send you your states legal requirements.

    We exclusively ship by FEDEX or UPS. They are generally very expeditious and some buyers even get their trees the next day after shipping. Please check under the shipping tab. If an option is available you get to choose. One is generally lower than the other. 

    All orders made by Monday midnight will be shipped Wednesday. This generally permits a delivery by Sunday east of the Mississippi. Places such as Southern California usually get trees  the following Wednesday-Friday.

    No shipping to Texas. (It is against the law of the state of Texas for anyone to ship coconut trees to the state.) 

    No shipping to Arizona with this listing. (Special inspection required.)Shipping to Arizona requires a special inspection. Please see our ARIZONA listings.

    Trees shipped to Arizona, California, Nevada, Mississippi, and Louisianna are shipped and grown at our Polk County Florida nursery. LIMITED QUANTITIES AND SIZES AVAILABLE FOR THESE STATES. Contact us prior to buying.

    We do not ship to or through states subject to freezing temperatures at time of shipping. Please commit to buy if you would like a tree or trees but DO NOT PAY. We will then contact you the day prior to shipping. If the weather forecast is safe you will be asked to make payment. If it is not we will cancel your order. We want to treat you as well as the tree(s) nicely. Coconut trees do not like to freeze. 

    Looking for large orders? We can ship large orders of trees across the country. If you are a nursery or retail outlet or would just like to buy lots of trees or larger trees please contact us regarding large order pricing and shipping. We have over 5000 coconuts in production.

  • Selection Process

    Picture shows a sample tree. Yours will be a minimum of the size listed above. Primary color of frond base is green. More yellow or golden colors available on a limited basis for an additional charge.

    We will send you a picture of the tree(s) chosen for you prior to shipping.

    Our nuts are collected weekly from our parent trees and  planted upright in sand filled pots. Many other sellers do not even plant their nuts and thus do not allow them the opportunity to develop a proper and natural soil based root system. Great roots help to create great trees.

    Healthy nuts will sprout and are cared for through their growth. Unfortunately a tree from sprout up to two foot tall tends to have a higher mortality rate then those two foot or taller and thus we do not ship trees under 2 foot tall.

    Once a tree is ordered it is carefully selected for healthiness and vitality. Only the best will be chosen for you.

    Your tree(s) are not removed from the sand and  pot until immediately prior to boxing. A tree is removed, prepared and packaged in our proprietary process that insures safe and quick delivery to you.

  • Feedback

    "Coconut tree arrived as advertised. I'd give 6 stars if that was a option."

    "Beautiful well packaged tree's well worth the price!!"

    "Seller is excellent! Very upfront. Look forward to working w/ him in the future!"

    "Exceptional customer service and beautiful palm. Thank you for everything!"

    "The trees arrived in great condition. Surprisingly they held up to the almost tornado conditions yesterday. I left you positive feedback, wondering if you could do the same. I will definitely recommend you. Thanks again!! "

  • Local Pickup

    Local Pickup is avaliable and FREE from our two locations in Polk County and Frosproof, FL.