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The More You Know 

Why Buy a Coconut Tree From Us

We are proud to offer the largest selection of coconut trees in America, all sourced from our own farms here in Florida. Our H.A. variety is known to be the best, having weathered hurricanes and other tough weather conditions over the years. By controlling the source of our trees, we can guarantee that they are free from unknown pesticides and chemicals. Come visit our farm, take a tour, and choose the perfect tree for you with peace of mind.

Drinking Coconut Water – BEWARE!!

Do you enjoy coconut water? If so, please continue to read. If you are fortunate enough to live in a tropical climate, grown your own tree. It generally takes three to five years for one of our six foot trees to produce coconuts. Be cautious if you purchase a coconut to drink by a roadside vendor or at event like a green market, many of these coconuts come from trees laced with dangerous pesticides that can cause negative health issues. Many trees that end up with these vendors are sourced from the tree trimming companies that trim coconuts from trees that are treated. Know the source and beware of those that tell you “not a problem.”

We Do Not Sell Coconut Trees With Coconuts On Them

You will see these at one of our Palm Beach County farms. We however do not sell these retail as they are large and require equipment to move. Also, many people do not know that if you move one of these trees that is grown in the ground the moving of the tree stunts its coconut production. When a producing coconut tree is moved, the roots are cut. This is done so the tree can be moved. When all of these roots are cut, the tree goes into an adjustment period. This period is generally two to three years. Large trees like these generally cost thousands of dollars. Save yourself some money and buy a smaller tree that can produce coconuts in as little as three years.

 Purchasing Brown Coconuts

We also offer a large selection of brown coconuts. These are coconuts that naturally fall from the trees when the tree is ready to let them go. These are used for arts and crafts, planting, as well as religious and oil products. Many buyers from the far East such as India enjoy these.

 Purchasing Hardened Tree

For those who may not know, hardening off is gradually acclimating plants to new environments throughout their growing stages in order to  to prevent shock.

We harden off many of our trees to help “toughen them up.” A large assortment of these are available for you to choose from. Like a fine wine are “hardened off” trees are aged well.

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